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        1. ABOUT


          Add:Donglai Town Zhangjiagang,
          Jiangsu Province,China(215600)
          Service Hotline:86-159-5096-2899
          QQ: 464938270
          SKYPE: luckymachine2012

          ABOUT US

              Zhangjiagang City Dazhong Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of fiber cement board production line equipment, calcium silicate board production line equipment, fiber cement tile production line equipment, the company export-oriented products, the main users in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe and other places, products praised by users.

              The company has a R & D team, proficient in fiber cement technology and equipment, the development of products with international advanced level, in particular, I developed beater machine, with high yield, low maintenance, and can control the fiber alignment small material thickness and other characteristics , by users love.

              Company to undertake fiber cement board, calcium silicate board, fiber cement tiles automatic production line planning, design; production line equipment production and support; production line equipment installation, commissioning; process control the production process, production standards and turnkey projects .
          The company also offers you: the transformation of the old production lines, process coaching the production process, product quality improvement, production standards and other aspects of the service.
             Companies adhering to the "integrity and pragmatic, innovative, progressive" philosophy.
          Class products, first-class management, first-class quality, first-class reputation for the majority of users.

          Tel:0512-58122769 Fax:0512-58122769 Service hotline:159-5096-2899 E-mail:sales@zjglucky.com 版權所有 張家港市樂凱機械制造有限公司 蘇ICP備15059511號 Technical Support:SDW E站統計 網站建設仕網云智能建站